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Cary & Associates was begun in January of 1993


By Con Cary


He started as a clerk for a leading retail chain and rose through the ranks to become a Senior VP for Operations and Human Resources for a $700 million petroleum and food marketing company. He spent 20 years in this sector and was involved in several large turnarounds.

He became an executive recruiter for a recognized search firm for three years. He recruited mid and upper level candidates for retail, wholesale and manufacturing companies, across many functional disciplines, such as logistics, purchasing, operations, finance, human resources, marketing, top executive, and for other specialty staff positions.


*They represent the client company, not the candidate

*Their unique process allows them to excel at finding the top 15 - 20% of the candidate possibilities that are usually already employed, wouldn’t answer an ad or grapevine solicitation, but might consider a change for the right reasons.

*Because they only do work for clients that they personally visit, they can identify candidates that will fit in with the culture, chemistry, and geography of the client company

*They believe that the client should look at multiple candidate options before making a decision

*They provide help with the whole process, not just the candidate part

*Typed, paraphrased, reference checks, written candidate evaluations, salary negotiations, initial candidate interviews by the recruiter, and the handling of interview travel logistics, are just some of the services provided

*Their founder’s extensive background in both Search and Senior Management provides for unique insight in terms of understanding and exceeding client needs

*They believe the client should get more genuine value than expected




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